Change your form. Change your Life.

Great form changes everything.

It impacts the way we feel and the way we live every day. With it, we feel taller, slimmer and more powerful.
We stand up straighter, our vitality is greater and our muscles are more efficient.

Prime4orm was developed to improve posture through a technical design that re-aligns upper body muscles. Intended to be worn as a second skin through everything you do – from the gym, to the road and the office.

The Prime4orm™ shirt uses gentle tensions to re-engineer your form. We believe that if you can change your form you can truly change your life. The bio-anatomical design by Mike Lara combined with next-generation Garmatex fabric technologies puts Prime4orm in a class of its own. The shirt’s highly-technical construction gradually realigns your muscles to improve your form.

Here's what people are saying

“Got my shirt today. My initial impression is very positive, it feels really nice, very snug and fits like the proverbial glove.
I want to give it some time to test it out further but I can see myself buying a few more of these shirts.”

“Just got mine today
Tried it on and immediately felt a difference”

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