Revolutionary T3® patented design that allows for a greater range of motion without restriction





Gentle tensions in the shoulder wing design aids in training muscles to maintain the correct length & alignment.




an advanced 4 way stretch fabric that compresses hard working muscles, allowing extra oxygen to be delivered to core body muscles.

Promotes a quicker recovery time and extended muscle use where your body needs it most.



provides a gentle grip in the shoulder wing design that aids in realigning

AbsorbSkin™ also helps regulate excessive sweat with a holding tank capability that absorbs up to 10 times its weight in moisture. Keeping you centered, cool and comfortable.









a 100% natural anti-microbial treatment that repels odor and inhibits bacterial growth for prolonged freshness.



a next generation fabric that uses natural jade minerals to react with body sweat to produce a cooling effect up to 10° F. Integrated along the back for optimized comfort where your body sweats the most.